What is elFrijol.com about? Arte y Vida. Or Art and Life. I like to think that art is not some esoteric concept that only those in “the know” have any idea about. What I believe is that art is a component of the human psyche—a way people express themselves in a physical manner. It presents itself in may ways; from crafts or “Art pieces’ a person creates to the way someone chooses to dress or fix their hair or even the color of a car someone chooses. Yes, I see your “favorite color” as an artistic expression. It is an expression of your personality—or as I like to see it, a palette or color scheme for your life.

Anyone can make art. Anyone’s creation should be regarded as art work. Sure, some artists are more talented or inventive, e.g. Matisse or Picasso, but they are no more valid that little Susy’s cloud painting for daddy. Their work is just more collectable.

What I attempt with this site is an exploration of these themes. Art and Life. Cool things I find, my feelings on things, rants, raves and occasionally art.

So I hope you enjoy my little corner of the Internet, and go make some art today.